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Five Most Common Reasons for Foundation Repair


Addressing issues with your home’s foundation is something that needs to be done quickly, completely, and safely. Allowing damaged parts of your foundation to linger will only result in further damage that will increase the overall costs of your repair. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the five most common signs that foundation repair might be necessary for your home.

Reason #1: Doors and Windows Sticking

The first sign to look out for involves your windows and doors. In a home that is level, windows and doors will open and close with little intervention on your part. When you begin to notice difficulties in opening or closing windows or doors, it’s time to have your foundation checked. Window and door problems are often a sign that your foundation has shifted. Take a closer look at your windows and doors. Warped wood can signal failure.

Reason #2: Molding Shifts or Breakage

The second sign of foundation problems involves your molding. When you’re looking at the areas around your doors and windows, you might notice some pieces of molding that are no longer flush with the wall. You might be able to hammer them back into place for the time being. Unfortunately, shifting or broken molding suggests foundation damage that needs to be addressed quickly.

Reason #3: Uneven Flooring

The third sign to look out for involves your flooring surfaces. Uneven flooring is a key sign of a foundation issue. If it feels like your floor has sunk or you notice it separating from its original position, schedule a foundation inspection as soon as possible.

Reason #4: Visible Cracks in Flooring

The fourth sign of foundation issues involves visible cracks. Bulging and jagged flooring sections suggest that there are problems far below the top level of wood or tile. This is also true if you find cracks in your basement slab. Having a professional repair company like Aladdin Home Solutions take a look at your foundation is a smart first move.

Reason #5: Visible Cracks in Walls

The fifth most common sign of needing foundation repairs involves cracks on your walls. These are often caused by foundation shifts. Be mindful of how cracks appear around doorways, windows, and where walls come together. Addressing these areas quickly can prevent spreading and additional costs.

Aladdin Home Solutions: Foundation Repair Made Easy

Now that we’ve reviewed the top five reasons that require foundation repair, it’s time to schedule a free inspection. The team at Aladdin Home Solutions is ready to assess your situation and provide a customized repair plan to meet your needs. Contact us today!