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Crawlspace Encapsulation

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    If you’re experiencing high humidity, musty odors, sagging floors, and high energy bills, they may be due to moisture entering into your home from your crawl space.  If this is the case, Aladdin offers a wide variety of proven solutions for your home. We offer solutions such as crawl space encapsulation, sump pumps, interior drainage, vapor barriers, and more. Check out some of our patented solutions below.

    Crawlspace Waterproofing Solutions

    Crawlspaces are dark and dank places that are often ignored by most homeowners. Frequently we find that they are filled with old paint cans, yard debris, the occasional rodent, and many times mold. Insulation is often missing; vapor barriers are torn or in some instances not even present. There is a term called “Stack Effect” which shocrawlspace_encapsulation_atlantaws that air is constantly moving through your entire home, from your crawlspace and all the way to your attic. Due to the fact that your

    home circulates all air in the structure, your crawlspace can be a hidden nightmare.


    The days of just throwing a thin sheet of plastic (called a vapor barrier) in your crawlspace and hoping for the best are long gone. Mold spores and evaporating water encroaching into the portion you live in can cause serious health issues. Systems have been developed throughout the years to not only address the mold and moisture issue, but to also turn your crawlspace into a clean, climate-controlled area. Many of our customers use their new crawlspaces as additional storage. The bonus is that in many cases, their energy bills are reduced by 20- 30%. This process is referred to as Crawlspace Encapsulation.


    Every crawl space is unique in the solution that it requires. We offer solutions ranging from small drainage systems all the way to full encapsulation. Some crawlspaces have water coming through the foundation walls. Other have water coming through the earth in the middle of the crawlspace.


    HydraLine™ Interior Crawlspace Drainage System

    In instances where water is only penetrating through the foundation walls and/or cove joints, we typically install an interior HydraLine™ Drainage system. The installers dig all the way to the footer,

     and then install the HydraLine™ around the perimeter of area being waterproofed.

    It is then channeled into the sump pump system. In the event we observe water intruding through the walls, we recommend installation of a vapor shield against the walls. A vapor shield is  permanently mounted (grade level) to the wall to capture any intruding water, and directs it into the drainage.

    Our BrightClean™ Crawlspace Encapsulation System

    Encapsulating your crawl space is important due to the fact that it’s sealing your home from the outside elements and turning your crawlspace into a clean storage area. The process is relatively simple: 


    Upon arrival, our installers first remove all of the insulation and the previously existing vapor barrier. Note: It is important to remove the existing insulation to prevent moisture from getting trapped between the insulation and subfloor above and allowing mold to grow. 


    Once this has been complete, we seal all of the crawlspace vents with a 2 inch foam board and urethane foam to ensure that outside air will no longer bring moisture into your home. 


    Second, we wrap all concrete, brick, or cinder block support columns with our 14ml BrightClean™ vapor barrier. This is done to prevent moisture from candle-wicking up the columns and into your home.

    Then we apply the 14ml BrightClean™ Wall vapor barrier around the perimeter walls. Per pest control standards, we typically start the walls approximately 4-8 inches below the top of the wall. This allows termite companies to treat your home without damaging your system.   Once that is complete, we install the 28ml BrightClean™ floor barrier on top of the barren earth (or optional drainage matting). All seams are overlapped and sealed with a waterproof tape. Due to the fact that it is double laced, our vapor barrier is extremely durable and very difficult to damage. All BrightClean™ encapsulations come with a LifeTime of the Structure Warranty against rips and tears.


    The most important part of the encapsulation is the installation of a commercial crawlspace dehumidifier.  It’s essentially the “engine” of the encapsulation process.  The purpose of the dehumidifier is to create a warm and dry environment in your crawlspace and prevent any moisture from intruding into the rest of your home. An added benefit to encapsulating your crawlspace is the energy savings your will enjoy. During the summer, your air conditioner is no longer trying to process the moisture evaporating into your home. Instead, it is able to work at peak performance, thus decreasing your power bill by as much as 20-40%.


    We offer several different models (based on the size of your crawlspace and your budget). These range from Aloraire, BaseAire, Santa Fe, and AprilAire. Please inquire with your Certified Field Inspector during his visit as to which brand and model he recommends to suit your needs.



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