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Structural Repairs

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    Permanent Solution

    The Force Stabilizer

    A pre-engineered, effective and permanent solution that restores structural integrity to a foundation wall utilizing top and bottom brackets, a slab spike and a steel beam.

    Bowed, sheared and tipped walls can be quickly repaired and restored with just one product. No outdoor excavation required.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Carbon Fiber System

    Offers secure, permanent wall repair against tipping, shearing, and bowing. Industrial-grade epoxy provides more strength than other carbon fiber products.

    • Largest surface area
    • Coverage on the market
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in the USA
    Best Results

    Wall Crack Injection

    Permanently and immediately stops actively leaking cracks.

    Your home is your most valuable investment. Therefore, protecting your home from damage is paramount. If you have noticed bowing or leaning foundation walls, foundation settlement or sinking, wall cracks, or uneven floors, you may have a problem with your foundation. 

    If you suspect you have a foundation problem, you may want to push the thought to the back of your mind. The sooner you contact us, the better. Our FREE foundation assessments can provide answers and help take the stress and worry out of your foundation problem, saving you time, money, and anxiety in the process. 

    Bowing or Leaning Foundation Walls

    The Force Stabilizer

    Carbon Fiber

    Foundation Stabilization

    Well-intentioned friends or neighbors may be telling you that stabilizing your foundation will be expensive, challenging, and may result in tearing up your yard and landscaping. While that may have been the case years ago, significant progress has been made within our industry, providing homeowners with less invasive, more economical solutions for foundation stabilization. 

    Bowing or Leaning Foundation Walls

    Foundation Push Piers

    One way to stabilize your foundation is through the use of foundation push piers. Push piers are corrosion-resistant and made of galvanized steel. Typically, the pier is driven into underlying bedrock or stable soil layers.

    Once stabilized, the home’s weight is transferred from the damaged foundation through the pier to the underlying soil. Once satisfied that all the piers are in place and functioning correctly, the soil is backfilled over the piers, so they are rendered invisible.

    Wall & Floor Cracks

    We will first want to determine what is causing your wall and floor cracks. It may be that a simple solution is appropriate, or the cracks may be an indicator of more complex structural issues that need to be addressed.  

    The most common reasons for wall cracks are shrinkage, settling, and movement. Floors can crack for the same reasons; however, that’s less common. Usually, if your basement floor is cracking, there is an excessive amount of water accumulating under the floor. If this is the case, underlying issues may need to be dealt with first before cracks are repaired.  

    Crack Injection

    If it is determined that an injection is an appropriate way to deal with a cracking wall, we use a polyurethane foam solution. This solution, injected into the crack in your wall, provides a long-term solution. Because the solution is flexible, it will continue to fix the crack even if your wall continues to move. The polyurethane foam expands the entire crack and through the wall and from top to bottom, providing a lasting fix. 

    Carbon Fiber

    If it is determined that carbon fiber is a viable solution to patching your wall crack, we use a stronger-than-steel, fiber-reinforced polymer. Specifically designed to reinforce and stabilize basement walls, carbon fiber is a high-strength epoxy resin. It absorbs pressure from the walls and provides a solution, even if it is only a stop-gap until long-term solutions can be decided. 

    Steel Crawlspace Jack System

    If you see cracks in your drywall or feel sloping interior floors, you may have settling support columns or sagging beams and floor joists in your crawlspace.  

    The Steel Crawlspace Jack System solves those problems. Once installed, this system continually lifts and stabilizes existing floor beams and joists in your crawlspace. This system stops foundation settling and can raise your floor back to its appropriate level. Compatible with a vapor barrier system, you may determine this system is the best solution. 

    Bowing or Leaning Foundation Walls

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