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Three Steps to Get Through Mold Inspections and Repairs


If you fear that water damage has happened to your home, there’s no time to waste. When you suspect possible damage, mold inspections and repairs become important parts of the coming days and weeks. Mold can begin to grow and expand throughout your home in as little as 24-48 hours. In today’s blog post, we’ll review the three steps that you can expect during these processes.

Step #1: A Certified Professional Assessment

Before the rest of the repair process can occur (if applicable), it’s essential that a certified mold inspector visit your home. These professionals understand the complicated nature of mold growth. In most cases, your testing process will include two different types of assessment: air quality and surface testing. 

Air quality testing occurs when the inspector gathers air samples in different parts of your home to determine if the spores have spread throughout. Direct samples involve the inspector testing possible mold damage on walls and other surfaces. When the test concludes, your inspector can provide clear results that determine what needs to be done.

Step #2: Insurance Company Approval

In the event of positive results, your inspector will provide a variety of documents that can be submitted to your homeowners insurance company to seek approval for mold removal. The team at Aladdin Home Solutions is very familiar with the insurance claim process. We’ll do our best to provide you with assistance as you navigate the complicated process. Once approved, the work can begin and you can get a bit closer to returning to normal.

Step #3: Removal and a Deep Clean

Once the insurance company has rendered their decision, the work can begin. A certified mold removal team will work quickly but safely to erase all signs of mold from your home. Once the mold damage is removed, it’s very likely that some sort of redesign may be required to prevent future mold outbreaks. This could include the removal of walls or other obstructions. Mold loves to grow behind walls and in darkness. With reconstruction processes complete, our team will complete a deep clean of all hard and soft surfaces. A clean and sanitized home reduces the risk of mold damage returning quickly.

Aladdin Home Solutions: Mold Inspections Made Easy

Now that you’ve learned about the three steps of mold inspection and removal, don’t waste another day wondering. Contact Aladdin Home Solutions today to start the process. We will leave no wall untested. We want to keep your family safe.