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Three Tips for Handling a Basement Flood in Atlanta


If you live in the Atlanta area, you’ve probably experienced basement flooding. This messy hassle is caused by slab and wall connection leaks, clogged drainage pipes, or floor cracks. Even the passage of time does your basement no favors, especially when the house was built without your input. Still, you can certainly bounce back from this stressful situation. Here are 3 tips to help you handle the aftermath of a basement flooding situation and any hazards you might encounter.

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

First, it’s important to assess the situation. A flooded basement is always an emergency, so the cleanup must be swift. Clear the area of any surviving belongings, especially if they’re electronic. Next, try to drain as much water as possible if you have a sump pump. This way you can take pictures or video of the damage. Destroy any submerged belongings that might soak up harmful bacteria. Along the way, look for pooling dirt or debris—this might indicate where the leak began, though there is the possibility of more than one problem area. If you are unsure of the source, call for an ATL professional’s opinion.

Foundation Repair

Following a basement flood, there’s a chance of foundation damage and mold taking hold. In fact, faulty supports or incomplete fillings might be the source of invading water. Unforeseen damage could occur if flood water sits for a period before drainage takes place, not to mention obvious side effects like moisture. To avoid another flood in the future, a foundation fix-up should be in the cards. Your insurance company should be involved in any repairs, so ask your chosen service how they plan to work with a provider.

Free Atlanta Waterproofing Estimatec

If you’re the owner of a flooded basement in Atlanta and want to future-proof it against disaster, you might consider a waterproofing estimate. A certified inspector can point out waiting-to-happen areas in your basement, like cinder block walls that will eventually leak despite any adequate drainage system. Rusted form ties or pipe patches are just a few of the water entry points you might not have considered. You’ll want to classify the damage, and where it lands on the cost chart.

Before the forecast consists of a long periods of rain, or any ancient plumbing gives out, call Aladdin Home Solutions to waterproof your basement. We offer same-day appointments, and up to 3 estimates for ongoing water occupation. Our water damage specialists will plan within your budget to make this as hassle-free as possible.